Sometimes your Electron app needs to bypass CORS. The only reason I even used Electron in my recent RSS Reader application was to bypass CORS. You can follow this guide to implement it in your own project as well

Why bypass CORS?

Story time. So recently I was developing an RSS Reader application…

Introducing for Families (

To use DNS over TLS with Cloudflare Families, simply use the following URLs

  1. Block malware ->
  2. Block malware and adult content ->

Source:- does not filter content if queries are made via DoT (DNS over TLS) — DNS & Network / — Cloudflare Community


To use them with Android, follow the same steps as the ones for except replace the URLs with or’s specified URLs

That is type in instead of and it would work!

You might have noticed the error message after rebooting after having finished the installation during the setup phase. I noticed it too on Fedora 34.

I got the screenshot online because I did not want to go through the setup phase again but the error image was the same

Fixing the issue is relatively straightforward. The only time I faced this issue was during the setup phase.

Now like most people, I presume you…

Why Firebase Auth with Quarkus?

  1. Uses JWT Tokens
  2. Easily support multiple providers like Facebook, Google etc. from the same code
  3. Use Firebase provided values like User ID or email to easily verify users
  4. Easier Access Control
    Oh Sorry, based on your token Mr Smith, you don’t get access to this Service, but Mr Root does.

Pratik Chowdhury

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